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Information Technology

If you do not measure IT,
you cannot improve IT.

IT Consulting
Is the IT Department always behind schedule, over budget, and constantly putting out fires? PNI offers IT Operational Assessments, IT Work Management Training, and IT Work Management Program Development and Installation. These services include training and guided application by PNI to establish a planning function within the IT Department and the introduction of proven planning, scheduling and control techniques based on engineered work measurement.

Open Source Computing
Looking for ways to reduce costs and increase the productivity of your IT department and overall enterprise? Consider the benefits of Open Source Software. PNI is dedicated to the Open Source concept and believes that IT budgets are better spent on training and support than on expensive software licensing programs.

Get on the Internet now!
PNI can reserve your domain name and set your company up on the Internet in minutes. E-mail server setup and DNS setup services are also available. PNI can also setup your own corporate intranet using virtual private networking (VPN) technology to ensure security and privacy for your data and network. PNI specializes in reduced Total Cost of Ownership approaches using Open Source Software including Linux.

Web hosting and design
Want to really take advantage of the Internet? Give your company a web page and start marketing world-wide! PNI specializes in J2EE-based and Java™ server-side design with SQL database backends for reliable, scalable, and efficient web sites. By having PNI host your web site and design your web pages, you can be up an running overnight.

Outsourcing your system administration
Don't have the personnel to administer your growing network of computers and servers? Want to take advantage of Linux to run your e-mail, Internet access, and fileserver? PNI can design and administer your company network so you can worry about your business.

PNI is proud to partner
with DSP Design Group
for Information Technology Services.

PNI's Approach To Consulting
Our clients have told us they were especially impressed with our careful, comprehensive and cost-effective approach to consulting assignments. We consider each assignment a trust. Our approach combines training, guided development and implementation and do-it-yourself activity. Our objective is to provide a strategic mix of consulting-client input and continuous project monitoring and control that assures early results; well-trained and knowledgeable staff to continue the improvements; high-quality, state-of-the-art processes; and cost-effective benefits that enable the client to know how to see clearly and achieve the business vision.

When Should I Call PNI?
Is the same problem continually resurfacing? Do you have a temporary project and do not want to permanently increase your staff? Do you want to install a state-of-the-art system for your business office, employee wage incentives, production control, maintenance management, job evaluation, facility planning, accounts receivable management, computer services or the like? Do you want to broaden the capabilities of your key employees through a program of training and guided application of modern management techniques? Are politics or personal prejudice getting in the way of objective evaluation and timely solution to your concerns?

When you decide to call a consultant, you'll get the most benefit if you define the problem or concern carefully beforehand. The principle values the consultant can bring to the situation are objectivity, experience, analytical skill, project control techniques and ability to give your concerns full-time attention.

Our clients begin their relationship with Productivity Network Innovations, L.L.C. when they make the first phone call. The process begins with a brief introduction over the phone and then a visit to discuss your situation. A written proposal is always prepared by Productivity Network Innovations, L.L.C. for the client's approval before the consulting phase starts. The proposal includes a statement of the current situation, proposed program recommendation, benefits, time frame, program organization and cost.


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