Maintenance Productivity Suite

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Welcome to Aware.MPS the Maintenance Productivity Suite. Most maintenance management software is aimed at work order entry, equipment history, and accounting, but does little to help you understand the productivity of your maintenance processes. Aware.MPS is the only system that allows you to measure your current productivity, set productivity goals, and track your progress toward those goals. Aware.MPS complements any CMMS system and will help you leverage that system to realize the productivity gains promised and thereby maximize your return-on-investment in that CMMS software. Best of all, Aware.MPS is free software as defined by the GNU General Public License. PNI believes that your maintenance and IT dollars are better spent on training and support than on software licenses.


Aware.MPS includes three important modules to help you achieve your productivity goals:


All of these tools are described in detail in the Maintenance Managers Standard Manual written by Thomas A. Westerkamp, CEO of Productivity Network Innovations, LLC. The manual is available for sale at the show or on-line at the PNI web site.

The Productivity Audit


The Productivity Audit allows you to measure the current productivity of your maintenance department across eight areas: Organization, Training, Personnel, Cost Control, Planning, Materials, Engineering, and Facilities. This audit has been used for over 20 years and is an extremely useful indicator of the weaknesses and strengths of your maintenance department.


Productivity Audit Bar Chart


Productivity audit results can be reviewed individually or compared across several audits using a bar chart. The bar chart also displays a computation of total potential savings and savings-to-date. Typically, a baseline audit is prepared before a continuous improvement program is initiated. Subsequent audits are computed at regular intervals during the program implementation or at particular milestones for evaluation of the programs success and to track productivity improvements.


Engineered Maintenance Standards


The EMS Benchmarks are standards for work completion times that can be used with your work order system and the Control Report to track how well your did take times match your should take times for work orders. Tracking these data

with the Control Report will directly measure one component of your maintenance productivity and suggest areas for improvement.


Control Reports


Maintenance control reports provide management with the information needed to evaluate the effectiveness of personnel. The report directs the attention of management to matters in need of corrective action. The control report requires a planner function or person who annotates work orders with EMS benchmark times for scheduling maintenance work. With the control report, management can monitor on an on-going basis the actual dollar value of the productivity returns for a continuous improvement program.



Aware.MPS is a browser-based application written in Java and can be deployed in any J2EE-compliant servlet container. Once deployed on the server, the application is available to any user on your network with a web browser. The current version is known to work with the following server system:


         JBoss v3.04 Application Server with Tomcat v1.4.12 Servlet Container

         Apache v2.0.43 Web Server with AJP2 Connector (mod_jk2) (optional)

         JDK 1.4 Java Runtime Environment

         MySQL v3.23.54

         The servers can be run on Windows 2000/NT or Linux

         Any user on your network with a web browser can access the application regardless of operating system.


Please note that the application includes only a small sample of EMS benchmark data. The entire database of EMS benchmarks can be purchased separately. PNI consultants are available for a fee if you require assistance with installation or additional training and support.


JBoss is a trademark of the JBoss Group, LLC. MySQL is a trademark of MySQL AB. Java and J2EE are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.