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Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual
Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook
Aware.MNT™ Productivity Audit Software
On-line Planner Training Course
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Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual

Buy the new 3rd edition of the
Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual
Price: $89.95

Order the Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual from our web site with a Purchase Order.

The Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual, published by BNi Publications, Inc., has sold over 20,000 copies. It is the most comprehensive maintenance reference book ever written and includes answers to hundreds of maintenance questions. It also includes over 300 forms, procedures, and checklists ready to use.

Whether you are a maintenance manager, engineer, executive, teacher, or student, you will find all the essential ingredients for understanding and carrying out successful day-to-day management of maintenance activities. In addition, you will find an integrated plan for continuous improvement of the maintenance function.

To download more information (including a comprehensive Table of Contents and user list), click here.

Table of Contents Summary

  • Part 1: Maintenance Management
    • How to Initiate a Well-Written Maintenance Management Policy
    • How to Organize and Staff the Maintenance Department
    • Guidelines for Training Maintenance Personnel
    • How to Prepare a Workable Maintenance Budget
    • How to Set Up and Use Shop Floor Labor Controls
    • How to Calculate Productivity Improvement Costs Versus Savings
  • Part 2: Planning and Scheduling Maintenance Work
    • Planning Your Routine Repairs
    • How to Develop an Effective Work Order System
    • Planning for Emergency Maintenance Work
    • Planning Major Equipment Overhauls
  • Part 3: Facility Space Planning, Justification and Construction
    • Effective Space Planning for Your Facility
    • How to Justify a New or Expanded Facility Plan
    • Construction Project Planning and Scheduling
    • How to Maintain a Safe and Secure Workplace
  • Part 4: Material Planning
    • How to Control Material Inventory
    • How to Maintain an Effective Stores Control System
    • How to Control the Use of Maintenance Tools and Equipment
  • Part 5: Equipment Records and Preventive Maintenance
    • How to Set Up and Maintain Equipment Records
    • How to Establish a Six-Step Preventive Maintenance Program
    • How to Implement a Predictive Maintenance System
  • Part 6: Common Maintenance Operations and Tools
    • Motion Economy: How to Work Smarter
    • How to Implement Motion Economy in Using Tools
    • Cleaning, Inspecting and Lubricating Equipment
  • Part 7: Structural Maintenance
    • Exterior Maintenance of Building Structures
    • Interior Building Maintenance
  • Part 8: Mechanical Maintenance
    • Machine Repair: Guidelines for Troubleshooting and Correcting Problems
    • Air Compressors
    • Air Conditioning
    • Heating Systems
    • Ventilating Systems
  • Part 9: Electrical/Electronics Maintenance and Instrument Repair
    • Electricians and Their Tools: How to Ensure High Productivity
    • Lighting
    • Motors and Generators
    • Emergency Power Systems
    • Distribution System Controls
    • Power Distribution System Planning & Sizing
    • Wiring, Conduit and Junction Boxes
    • Batteries
    • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Part 10: Maintaining Roads and Grounds
    • Road Maintenance
    • Grounds Maintenance
  • Part 11: Power Plant Maintenance
    • Energy Sources and Their Application
    • Boiler Maintenance
    • Turbine and Generator Maintenance
    • Power Plant Support Equipment
  • Part 12: Maintenance Machining, Fabrication and Painting
    • Maintenance Machine Shop Practices
    • Sheetmetal in Maintenance Work
    • Maintenance Carpentry
    • Maintenance Welding
    • Maintenance Painting
  • Part 13: Housekeeping, Waste Management, Air and Water Quality and Safety
    • Janitorial and Custodial Maintenance
    • Waste Management
    • Air and Water Quality and Safety
  • Part 14: Maintenance Work Measurement
    • Work Measurement Techniques
    • Engineered Maintenance Standards
    • Maintenance Wage Incentive Plans
  • Part 15: Computer Applications in Maintenance
    • Computer Systems for the Central Shop
    • Computer Network Systems for Area-Central Shops
    • How to Plan and Develop Your Own Computer System
  • Part 16: Maintenance Productivity Evaluation and Improvement
    • How to Evaluate Your Company’s Program: The Maintenance Management Survey
    • How to Control Progress in a Maintenance Productivity Improvement Program

Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook

Buy the new 5th edition of
Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook
Price: $150.00

Order Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook
from our web site with a Purchase Order.

edited by Kjell Zandin (2800 pages)

As the demands on the Industrial Engineer are growing, not only within the traditional manufacturing industry, but also in service and other industries, the need for information and support increases. First published in 1956, the Industrial Engineering Handbook has changed with the times to provide its users with the most practical and user-friendly information available.

The book includes:

  • A focus on practical use versus theoretical use
  • Fifty percent more chapters than the previous edition
  • 176 contributors from the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, and Asia
  • More than 20 full-scale case studies with detailed close-ups of real-world application successes
  • Inclusive coverage of everything from the evolution of Industrial Engineering to useful developments in CAD/CAM, with the emphasis on productivity

Aware.MNT™ Productivity Audit Software

Buy the productivity audit software
Aware.MNT ™
Price: $295.00
when ordering Aware.MNT™
from our web site with a Purchase Order

Aware.MNT™ is a Productivity Audit software package based on 30 years of maintenance experience. This unique software helps to define current maintenance productivity, assess potential improvement opportunities, and track progress of your continuous maintenance improvement program. View some screenshots and read more about how to audit your maintenance productivity here. Does not run on Windows 7!

On-line Planner Training Course
On-Line Training

Purchase the On-line Planner Training course.
Price: $1295.00

when ordering from our web site
with a Purchase Order

This PNI Training course is about managing work. Work management includes planning and scheduling work, measuring work, controlling work and continuous improvement of work methods and productivity. The objective of this course is to provide practical, results-oriented work management techniques that will enable the student to participate in and make valuable, tangible and continuous improvement contributions to his or her own department and organization.

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Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual
Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook
Aware.MNT™ Productivity Audit
On-line Planner Training Course
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