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Training at PNI University

PNI provides training for maintenance planners in a variety of formats.


On-Line Training
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Instructor-led Maintenance Planner Training in Chicago, Illinois.. The next course offering is October 27-31. Call 800-828-6826 to register.

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Why Use Planner Training?

How To Turn Maintenance Problems into Profits with Planner Training

How many of these symptoms do you recognize?

Too many emergencies. Everything is Priority One.
Operating or production interruptions
Not enough maintenance people
Inventory costs too high
Can't find spares
Not enough lead time for planning
Duplicate work orders
Lost work orders. Takes too long to get repairs done
Fixing the same thing over and over
Product or service quality problems.
Equipment capability does not match quality requirements
High rework costs
Late product or service delivery due to equipment problems
Can't get preventive maintenance work done on time
Costs too high
Not enough time to get all the work done
Equipment in use, unavailable for maintenance
Deferred maintenance increasing
High maintenance employee absence or turnover
No time for skills and safety training
Inadequate facilities. Need more space
Contract costs too high
Too much overtime
Too many delays
Can't meet new regulatory requirements
Method improvements take too long to get implemented
Antiquated information system
Don't know what the backlog is
What is the proper staffing level?

The single most important factor, common to all these symptoms, is TIME. Proper planning, scheduling and control of maintenance activities results from optimum planning and control of lead TIMES, accurate backlog TIMES, scheduled maintenance shutdown TIMES and engineered standard job TIMES.

An effective, high-productivity Maintenance Planner Training Program -- based on the principle that best productivity results when each worker has a definite job to do, in a definite way and a definite time -- is the solution you should consider.


This PNI Training course is about managing work. Work management includes planning and scheduling work, measuring work, controlling work and continuous improvement of work methods and productivity. The objective of this course is to provide practical, results-oriented work management techniques that will enable the student to participate in and make valuable, tangible and continuous improvement contributions to his or her own department and organization.

The scope of work management technique application is very broad. It can result in improvement of all types of work. Some areas in which it is applied are office management, information technology, maintenance, customer service, development, construction and overhaul projects, and administrative tasks such as enterprise operations, purchasing, human resources and accounting.

Work management has application in an equally wide variety of private and public sector enterprises. Segments of the economy that have benefited are manufacturing, finance, education, healthcare, utilities, government and commercial--wherever work processes are used.

Instructor-Led Format

In live instructor-led classroom training, all sessions are conducted on a prescribed schedule and all of the students taking the course must work their daily schedule around the class meeting schedule. If a student cannot be at the classroom location between 8:00AM and 5:00 PM, or whenever the class is scheduled, he or she misses vital information that will be used in later sessions. To ensure that all students are available, the course can be taught at a PNI off-site facility, but that can be cost prohibitive since site costs and travel costs must now be considered.

Self-Paced Format

The self-paced training format offers broad flexibility for each person's convenience. As long as all of the units are completed at the time designated by management, the exact hours during which the student works on the course on a particular day are up to the student and the student's supervisor. The self-paced course can be taken using materials provided by PNI in both hard-copy and electronic format or may be taken on-line.

On-Line Training

The on-line training course requires a password from PNI. Some hard-copy material may also be provided. A broadband Internet connection is also required (a dial-up connection will work, but may be too slow to be effective).

On-Line Training
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on-line training site.


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