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Aware.MPS Maintenance Productivity Suite Aware.MPS Maintenance Productivity Suite Aware.MPS Maintenance Productivity Suite



Maintenance Management Consulting Services

About Management Consulting...
General Management Consulting Services
Specific Management Consulting Services
Planner Training Services
Aware.MPS™ Maintenance Productivity Suite
PNI Client Industries
PNI's Approach To Consulting
When Should I Call PNI?
Automating Your Maintenance Work Order System Article
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About Management Consulting...

PNI offers management consulting services specializing in maintenance management with over 25 years of consulting experience. The Maintenance Managers Standard Manual has sold over 27,000 copies and is quickly becoming the basis for plant maintenance systems throughout the country.

PNI also offers several software solutions for maintenance management. Aware.MNT(TM) is a productivity audit software package that lets you determine where you are and where you want to go in terms of your maintenance productivity program.

Download Maintenance Management Capabilities brochure (PDF).

General Management Consulting Services

PNI's general management consulting services provide strategic avantages for out clients. We maintain expertise in the areas of strategic planning, organization, and policy to bring a broad management perspective to each assignment. Assessing these matters regularly allows us to manage the consulting process to the maximum benefit of our clients.

Our general management consulting services include:

Strategic Planning
Mission Statement and Corporate Visioning
Management Policy
Business and Market Plan Development
Market Positioning
Policy and Procedure Manual

Specific Management Consulting Services

A full-services management consulting firm must provide more for clients than general must be able to support specific management process needs as well. Accordingly, PNI offers a full range of specific services and consulting support:

Productivity Improvement Cost Reduction
Wage Incentive Plan Development and Restructuring Work Measurement
Systems Analysis Maintenance Management
Materials Management Organization Studies
Software Development Networking
Administrative Value Analysis Facility Planning
Manufacturing Plans Industrial Engineering
Job Evaluation Job Descriptions
Contract Negotiation Warehousing and Stores

Planner Training Services

How To Turn Maintenance Problems into Profits with Planner Training

How many of these symptoms do you recognize?

Too many emergencies. Everything is Priority One.
Operating or production interruptions
Not enough maintenance people
Inventory costs too high
Can't find spares
Not enough lead time for planning
Duplicate work orders
Lost work orders. Takes too long to get repairs done
Fixing the same thing over and over
Product or service quality problems.
Equipment capability does not match quality requirements
High rework costs
Late product or service delivery due to equipment problems
Can't get preventive maintenance work done on time
Costs too high
Not enough time to get all the work done
Equipment in use, unavailable for maintenance
Deferred maintenance increasing
High maintenance employee absence or turnover
No time for skills and safety training
Inadequate facilities. Need more space
Contract costs too high
Too much overtime
Too many delays
Can't meet new regulatory requirements
Method improvements take too long to get implemented
Antiquated information system
Don't know what the backlog is
What is the proper staffing level?

The single most important factor, common to all these symptoms, is TIME. Proper planning, scheduling and control of maintenance activities results from optimum planning and control of lead TIMES, accurate backlog TIMES, scheduled maintenance shutdown TIMES and engineered standard job TIMES.

An effective, high-productivity Maintenance Planner Training Program -- based on the principle that best productivity results when each worker has a definite job to do, in a definite way and a definite time -- is the solution you should consider. Click here to learn more about structured in-plant or training center courses as well as self-paced on-line or in-plant training.

Aware.MPS™ Maintenance Productivity Suite

The maintenance productivity suite is an open-source system for auditing your current productivity level, implementing productivity improvements, and tracking your progress toward your productivity goals. You can obtain the software for free and install it yourself or use our on-line version for free. The free version is limited to a small number of work benchmarks. You can purchase access to the entire benchmark database by contacting PNI.

Click here to learn more about Aware.MPS™.

Click here to login to the on-line demo site (username is 'demo' and password is 'good%tv3' without the quotes).

PNI Client Industries

Productivity Network Innovations, L.L.C. consultants have served a wide range of clients in manufacturing, service, commercial and government sectors (for-profit and not-for-profit) including the following:

Agricultural Equipment Aircraft Amusements
Architectural Hardware Automotive Building Construction
Chemical Processing Communications Construction Equipment
Defense Education Food Processing
Government Healthcare Home Products
Legal Metalworking Munitions
Museums Petroleum Refining Pharmaceuticals
Plastics Primary Metals Public Works
Pulp & Paper Research and Development Rail Car Manufacturing and Repair
Rubber Shipbuilding Woodworking

PNI's Approach To Consulting

Our clients have told us they were especially impressed with our careful, comprehensive and cost-effective approach to consulting assignments. We consider each assignment a trust. Our approach combines training, guided development and implementation and do-it-yourself activity. Our objective is to provide a strategic mix of consulting-client input and continuous project monitoring and control that assures early results; well-trained and knowledgeable staff to continue the improvements; high-quality, state-of-the-art processes; and cost-effective benefits that enable the client to know how to see clearly and achieve the business vision.

When Should I Call PNI?

Is the same problem continually resurfacing? Do you have a temporary project and do not want to permanently increase your staff? Do you want to install a state-of-the-art system for your business office, employee wage incentives, production control, maintenance management, job evaluation, facility planning, accounts receivable management, computer services or the like? Do you want to broaden the capabilities of your key employees through a program of training and guided application of modern management techniques? Are politics or personal prejudice getting in the way of objective evaluation and timely solution to your concerns?

When you decide to call a consultant, you'll get the most benefit if you define the problem or concern carefully beforehand. The principle values the consultant can bring to the situation are objectivity, experience, analytical skill, project control techniques and ability to give your concerns full-time attention.

Our clients begin their relationship with Productivity Network Innovations, L.L.C. when they make the first phone call. The process begins with a brief introduction over the phone and then a visit to discuss your situation. A written proposal is always prepared by Productivity Network Innovations, L.L.C. for the client's approval before the consulting phase starts. The proposal includes a statement of the current situation, proposed program recommendation, benefits, time frame, program organization and cost.

Automating Your Maintenance Work Order System Article

Looking to establish a computerized maintence work order system? This article will help to get you started.

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